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This popular service provides a starting point when preparing a home for sale. During this detailed verbal consultation, clients receive our expert recommendations tailored to their specific property. This consultation establishes a plan to prepare a home for listing – and potentially, a sale for top dollar.

The Home Staging Consultation begins with a review of your goals and expectations, followed by a whole-home tour and critique. This may include an assessment of furnishings, accessories, focal points and visual balance, paint colour, lighting, flow, clutter and overall impressions. This consultation also produces an action plan to showcase each room to bring out its best, and a list of trusted resources to handle tasks such as painting, repairs and other services as recommended for the space.

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Vacant properties pose a challenge on the housing market because of their undefined space, scale and lack of emotional connection. Potential homebuyers who are unable to personally and emotionally connect with a home may be hesitant to buy it – after all, a home is about as personal as you can get..

Research shows that only 8 per cent of buyers can picture the potential of a space if not presented with a great solution. This is where our home staging services can really pay off in the form of a quicker sale at the best possible price. Our collection of furnishings, and accessories coupled with our expertise in the “art of appeal” enable us to create inspiring interiors that can bring even the most boring room to life.
Whether the home is an apartment, a small starter home, or a 10,000-sq.-ft. estate, we give every property a personalized designer look.